My dream to visit Himalayas was fulfilled in Jan '19, when I made the birding trip to Uttarakhand. But yet, my prime dream was always Everest Base Camp (EBC). I had decided long back that I won't be travelling to any foreign lands without visiting my dream place.

Region: EBC, Nepal
Duration: 14 Days
Grade: Difficult
Max Altitude: 18,192 ft.


I understand the risks and challenges involved. For the benefit of those who are planning to embark on such an adventure, please learn about the trip and then decide. Let me share a few of my thoughts in this context.

The main challenges of high altitudes are lack of oxygen, altitude sickness, etc, which may prove fatal even if the climber is fit enough. Freak accidents like earthquake, avalanches can't be ruled out. Presence of hypertension, diabetes and respiratory illnesses are grounds for staying away from long, hard treks such as the one to EBC. There is however no age limit for trekking to Mt Everest, if you are healthy and fit. So those of you out there, who are not doing enough exercise, or are inactive, please get geared up and in shape, before your trek.

Before you go on such an adventurous trek to the highest mountain, do consult your physician and get satisfied of being fit enough. Vaccinations may be required to be administered. A roughly 130 km round trip is what may be covered during those days, which implies that fitness is the key factor. Altitude sickness affects even the young and healthy.  If you feel dizzy, suffer palpitations or severe headaches, return immediately to lower altitude. Altitude sickness should not be taken lightly as it can prove fatal.

There is always risk in the mountains, but it is better to be prepared than regret later. Porters could be hired to carry your backpacks, but you have to be fit for the trek. Hoping to share my experience soon…

I have begun my “Be Fit” program… How about you?