Happy Independence Day dear friends!!!!


We are going through tough times. But Nature teaches us to see the good / positivity in everything. After every night, there is a day. After every storm, there is sunshine. Let us get inspired from Nature and stay positive and healthy too.

When we speak of staying healthy, we also need to think of our surroundings. We can stay healthy only if our surroundings, neighborhood, locality, and also Earth are kept clean and taken care of.

We see many things around us which are probably not used, or thrown away due to small defects, or broken parts. We discard such items yet spend on buying curios to decorate our homes, or to gift someone. Why don't we think differently? We can reuse things, reduce waste, and also recycle things, thereby reducing the burden on Nature.

If you observe the beautiful pot in the pic, you will not notice that it was earlier a coffee mug, with a broken handle. A little creativity not only made it reusable, but also ended up as an object of joy and happiness.

Such small things can brighten up our minds, make us feel good and inculcate in us a feel of positivity and confidence in ourselves.

On this Independence Day, let us think beyond ourselves, and our country. Let us make Earth & Nature independent....independent from the millions of garbage and waste that we throw out. Let us try to reduce waste as much as we can, use eco-friendly products and avoid plastics.

Once again Happy Independence Day to everyone.