I am often surprised at the intervention of technology these days, in our lives, especially on birthdays when Happy Birthday messages are sent along with lot of emojis. Well, it's not too many though….hardly a handful know my date of birth. I don't feel any excitement on this day, or for that matter, on any day which we create and celebrate as “special days”. As I value my privacy, and also am not interested in these “wish celebrations”, I have never revealed my birthday to the public or my friends, on any social media platforms.


During school days, the excitement was about distributing toffees to all my classmates. Those days my Pappa (that’s my Grandpa whom I fondly used to call that way….I miss him) used to transform the toffees with a variety of DIY wrappings, and pack them for me. I was allowed to wear colour dress to school on that day. But I used to feel a little awkward as the whole school would know it’s my birthday. So that was not exciting for me.

Nowadays, the wishes received from Insurance and Mutual fund companies, showing their selfless love, through SMS or emails, make me laugh. So is the case with the Happy Birthday messages received from the sleeping members of various WhatsApp groups, who suddenly make their appearance only to wish, and then again return to their hibernation.

But my happiness lies in helping someone in need, making someone happy during this lifetime…that’s celebration for me…I cannot express that feeling in words. It need not be a birthday or any special day for that matter, but I constantly make an effort for that. Expecting nothing in return, I just keep doing it.

No matter how much you disgrace me or forget to express gratitude, I will continue to do it. That's my love for you all!